Sunday, January 22, 2017

How Long O Lord?

Passage: Psalm 13
Speaker: Jason Ching
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This psalm teaches us how to mourn, but to do so in faith.

  1. Describe how David feels in the first two verses. Do you relate to these feelings?
  2. How does David’s faith change his perspective? 
  3. How does our hope in Christ change our perspective on our trials?

Expiring Grace

Passage: Luke 12:59-13:9
Speaker: Jason Ching
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Jesus preached powerfully about the need for repentance.

  1. What signs were these people not living in light of? 
  2. How does the debtor’s prison illustrate what judgement will be like? 
  3. What should repentance look like in real life? Have you repented like this?

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Jesus the Divider

Text: Luke 12:49-53
Speaker: Jason Ching
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Jesus teaches some concepts that are both difficult to understand and difficult (for some) to accept.

  1. What did John the Baptist use fire to illustrate? If you need a reminder, look in Luke chapter 3. 
  2. We see Jesus’ zeal for two aspects of the plan of redemption. What were they and why would Jesus be zealous for each one? 
  3. Why does the Gospel bring division? How have you seen this at work? 
  4. In what ways does coming judgement affect your outlook on life?